Quotes and Comments

On Library Snapshot Day, we asked you: “What is your favorite thing about the UNC Libraries? What should everyone know about the UNC Libraries?” Here are some of the things you told us. You’ll also find more comments in our Snapshot Day video and the photobooth gallery.

“The libraries really keep me motivated to study and work hard! I love the variety of spaces in libraries– from the UL, to Davis, to Kenan Science, to Wilson, there is a space for any kind of worker! […] I think everyone should know that UNC Libraries has a lot of resources online and in person that can help you with any type of project.”

“The library is like a museum full of old books that I have the good fortune to be able to pick up and read. My favorite part is finding beautiful inscriptions in the front covers of old books.”

“My favorite thing about UNC Libraries is how you can find almost everything on the UNC campus. Not many schools are lucky enough to have such a large collection. One thing everyone should know: There really is a library to fit everyone’s need. Each library has its own distinct personality.”

“This answer is best expressed as a Haiku:

Mahogany Books
Worn by many fingerprints
A magical world.”

“There are spots for groups to study, research, and/or discuss homework. There are places for individuals to just get away to do their own research or homework. When it comes down to it, there is at least one spot in the library that can fit ANYONE’S needs! On top of this, there is about every source imaginable, from DVD’s to CD’s to the good old fashion book, which can be used for research or just for the curious mind!”

“My favorite thing about the UNC libraries are the variety of locations and resources. I don’t think many people know just how many different libraries and collections there are, and just how much we have to offer here. I don’t know if I even know the full extent of it, and I’m a senior!”

“I really enjoy the resources available at the campus’ various libraries; namely, the stimulating ambience and extensive SPACE. There’s just something about being in a library that makes you feel like you can (and WILL) get your work done, and done well.  […] What makes UNC so great is the people, all of whom must study. And where must all those people study? The libraries. In this way, the libraries on campus are a wonderful representation of the community of UNC, and this is why I love them so much.”

“Librarians’ availability and graciousness, always helping. The stacks are great.”

“They have had every book I’ve ever wanted and they have comfortable seating.”

“I love the variety of resources–where else can you find an unpublished manuscript by one of your favorite authors (who attended UNC!) AND edit music/movies AND check out anything from a projector to a Wii?! The libraries really do have it all.”

“There are a lot of other libraries, not just Davis and the UL. Try to study at all of them!”

“The sheer vastness is astounding. As a senior doing an honors thesis on a three-pronged topic, I appreciate the depth the UNC library system offers.”

“Walking around the stacks in Davis library unlocks an entire world of untapped knowledge ripe for harvesting.”

“A place that makes all nighters not so bad.

“They are a wonderful place to focus and study, and the multitude of people there with you remind you of the academic prowess of the university.”

“I love all of the old, worn out books! So much history behind them. The people who have owned them. It’s just amazing.”

“Great seating, convenient location, GOOD SCANNERS hard to find that elsewhere.”