On Snapshot Day, we found that some interesting things happen on a typical day at the Libraries…

On Snapshot Day…

  • 16,201 people came to campus libraries.
  • 1,498 books were checked out during the day. By the end of the day, 106,541 books and other items were checked out on loan.
  • Librarians answered 283 reference questions.
  • There were also 37 reference questions via online chat, taking a total of 6 hours, 25 minutes, and 35 seconds to complete.
  • Librarians taught 5 classes, reaching a total of 98 participants.
  • 153 student employees came in to work a shift.
  • Staff members reshelved 4,000 books. If you put them all on a single shelf, it would be about the length of a football field.
  • 935 people used library computers a total of 1,406 times.
  • 2,706 students printed 37,042 pages at CCI printers in the libraries. That’s like 74 reams of paper, weighing 148 pounds!
  • 809 scans were made at the the stand-up scanners in Davis Library and the Undergraduate Library.
  • People borrowed 258 videos from the Media Resources Center in the Undergraduate Library and watched 26 films in the library. They also borrowed 21 cameras, 12 mics, 7 audio recorders, 3 projectors, 1 green screen, and 1 Wii.
  • UNC affiliates in 60 countries used online journals and databases remotely. In the United States, they logged in from 45 states and territories.
  • Visitors from 98 countries came to the Libraries’ website.
  • ONE terabyte of data was generated over the wireless networks in Davis, Wilson, the Undergrad, and the Health Sciences libraries alone. That’s like 1,000 copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica!
  • The day also included: 1,000 Snapshot Day pins; 14 sleeveface photos made in the Music Library; 199 Undergraduate Library photobooth participants; and 840 donuts!

You can also view search data for the day and see how UNC library services reached around the world.